About The Studio 
Yasmina Makram is an interior design studio based in Cairo, Egypt, specializing in cultivated designs, addressed as a refined artful expression.
YM prides itself in its youthful and progressive multidisciplinary team, which manages spaces to create inventive forms of interior design. Under the creative direction of Cairo-based designer; Yasmina Makram Ebeid; the collective knowledge of the studio’s talented associates generates unique design, unconventional solutions, and intelligent planning.
The studio’s design vision is driven by lush details, authenticity, subtlety and harmony. Inspiration blooms from history, heritage and lifestyle, seeking every precious detail in the singularity of each inhabited space. Alongside its strong design signature, the studio advocates a client-led philosophy. Together with the client, each project becomes a journey of discovery and overcoming. From concept to completion, the client is guided through the process in which the studio assures an exquisite execution of the project that respects both the strong design vision and the client’s high ambitions.​​​​​​​