The Hotep Series
The Hotep Series is a collection of ceramic statues inspired by Pharaonic Gods, Ra, Taweret and Anubis, were “resurrected” into modern decorative objects celebrating Egyptian heritage and culture. The series was unveiled during Paris Design Week 2019 at Meet My Project in Le Marais district.
AO Apartment
A nod to nostalgia, this family home captures the essence of 1920’s-1930’s Downtown Cairo. Located in a historical building, the space reflects the studio’s approach of being young yet classical by combining modern and traditional elements in the design.
WS Apartment
While respecting the building's heritage, this residential space showcases a playful combination that mimics the wonderful complexity of cosmopolitan Cairo, where past and present harmoniously coexist.
MH Residence
This duplex apartment has an industrial yet warm feel. This was achieved by featuring materials in their raw form such as large façade of unpolished copper and exposed brick. The walnut furnishings along side mid-century pieces add dimension to the space.
G Penthouse Apartment
This summer home is inspired by mangrove plants accompanied by subtle hints of Mykonos. The artisanal pieces, the wooden furniture and the detailed murals complement the soft color palette for this understated minimalistic style.
The Nu Chair
Ancient Egyptians and their divine relationship with the land inspire our Nû chair. The lines resemble Pharaonic temples; its legs deeply planted into soft soil, the garden or a sandy environment. Heritage design is juxtaposed with modern functionality; as our chair assembles and disassembles in one movement for transportable usage.
Turtle's Inn
Turtle’s Inn is a renovated boutique lifestyle hotel centered around bold and dynamic colors and geometric shapes with unexpected design elements such as the artwork in the bedrooms. The custom terrazzo-floored courtyard and lighting installations that blend perfectly with the architecture of the hotel.
This Art-Deco pub is inspired by the 1920’s aesthetic glam. To revive the luxury of the era, we used materials such as textured wood, marble, copper and brass all while giving patrons their privacy through a play of light and shadows.
Creating a sophisticated atmosphere, featuring a well-dressed facade, terrazzo flooring and metal ceiling, this store is a perfect balance between simplicity and lavishness
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